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These galleries are among the finest in the world in the field of ancient art. They feature Classical Antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome, stunning antiquities from ancient Egypt, objects from a number of cultures such as the Etruscan, Byzantine, Celtic, Mesopotamian and Near Eastern civilizations, and many more ancient cultures. While their objects are stunning reminders of cultures past, the continue to influence modern art, design, architecture, and our lives today. Their beauty is timeless.

The Events

Extraordinary events where the elite Ancient art galleries above exhibited their beautiful objects for sale occur year-round. The list of major events is diverse and worldwide. Please communicate directly with galleries to get previews of their exhibitions or to be added to their mailing list. If you can't visit them directly or in person, most have newsletters or electronic communication.  But these events are also a great opportunity to meet these amazing gallerists.

Special Needs Action Project (SNAP)

Every gallery, museum, or service provider represented on this platform is contributing to programs and services for children, teens, and adults with autism and related neurological conditions in their home countries. This work is critically important, and your presence in supporting them and being on this platform can improve lives.

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